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Laser hair removal is the most effective, long-lasting and safest way to remove unwanted hair.
The essence of the procedure is that the laser beam is absorbed by the melanin of the hair, as a result of which they lose viability.

Our equipment is equipped with a unique cooling device that helps soothe, anesthetize, protect the skin and at the same time ensure high efficiency.
Our main pride is a team assembled from the best professionals in their field – masters who improve every day for your result. We will take care of your beauty, comfort and good mood.

  • Only experienced professionals

    Only experienced professionals

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    Medical licenses

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    Loyal value

  • The best conditions in Ukraine

    The best conditions in Ukraine

Why laser hair removal is beneficial
Our salonsalways warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere
Special offers The most modern technology, the best cosmetics from around the world and reasonable prices for services with discounts for you

Very nice atmosphere. Did the first in this salon. If all goes well, I will continue))) Special thanks to Natalia)))

Mariya Starovoit
Mariya Starovoit

I want to join my enemies. Syozhny Bula vzhe 4 times a Tk-laser without rosters on the street. Pool 5B. Mysterious calm salon with a reception staff, start a tea, Cava and tsukerki. Okrem Podyaka Natali. The procedure was passed without the pain of Maya, which was not specific. During the roster of the Maistre and the Bistro, after splitting an hour of procedure,)), loyal, as well as regularly in the living room, you can’t be pleased, but you can see the whole course of the procedure. Definitely recommend. Do not check)

Elena Karpova
Elena Karpova

I found Tanya by chance, but like everything in life it is not an accident at all) This is an excellent master, attentive and positive, sincere person. A good master, in our time, is worth her weight in gold (there are lots of masters, but good units), but a good person endangered species. In a word, try - you will understand.

Karina Gudkova
Karina Gudkova

City center. Getting comfortable. Always smiling focused master. Result. As a result, I am a regular customer. Thanks for the quality.


Dear and respected beauties of the capital and not only) Master Tatiana - will become your indispensable assistant in this very topical issue, helping us all to become more perfect and saving our income) that Tatiana did for me incredible! I am no longer a hairy baby mammoth) Hair almost does not grow, and if it shows its assertiveness to life, it turns out light and fluffy, almost not noticeable)

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Laser hair removal in Kiev in the center of TC Laser

A person’s desire to look attractive is absolutely natural. And our center is ready to help make your dreams come true. If you are tired of fighting hair growth in undesirable areas, you are tired of razors and painful waxing, then there is always a way out of a difficult situation. And TC Laser is always ready to provide it to you.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Laser hair removal has many advantages. Thanks to new developments, this procedure is easy, comfortable and most importantly - safe. It is suitable in cases where other methods of removing vegetation are contraindicated. Successful laser hair removal is based on a narrow range of laser flow, due to which the rays only affect the structure of the pigmented hair, leaving the skin unused in the process. If you suffer from allergic reactions, diabetes mellitus, you have problems with blood coagulability or just an increased sensitivity of the skin, then laser hair removal will allow you to forget about the problems for a long time. In addition, laser hair removal due to its painlessness is the procedure of choice for removing vegetation in the armpits, bikinis, chest and other painful areas.

The advantages of laser hair removal in Laser Laser

Our salon uses only modern laser equipment. We conduct regular checks on the operability, safety and effectiveness of our devices and their consumables, and also follow all the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees and modern technology, laser hair removal in our salon has such advantages as:
  • Session Security
  • The effectiveness of the procedure;
  • The durability of the result;
Comfortable pastime. TC Laser provides laser hair removal services for women and men in any area. Our professionals will select the optimal parameters and frequency of procedures based on the individual characteristics of the client. In the TK Laser salon you will get excellent quality at an affordable price. We regularly hold promotions, thanks to which you can get a discounted service while maintaining your budget. Laser shopping centers are located in such cities of Ukraine as Lviv, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Chernivtsi, Odessa, Dnipro, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Khmelnitsky. If you decide to sign up for a laser hair removal course remotely, or if you have any questions, you can fill out a callback form, after which we will contact you.
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