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Unevenness and beauty are reference values that are out of time and space, formed the basis of the philosophy of the laser hair removal salon “TK-laser”. Beauty is what causes emotions, so our approach combines aesthetics, comfort and craftsmen of the highest level. We make sure that your every visit remains unforgettable.

Our main pride is a team made up of the best professionals in their field, girls who are ready to create beauty. We welcome our guests with sincere hospitality!

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    Only experienced professionals

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    The best conditions in Ukraine

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Our salonsalways warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere
Special offers The most modern technology, the best cosmetics from around the world and reasonable prices for services with discounts for you

I was the first time, for the first time, as always, I wound myself up, but everything turned out to be not terrible at all, a pleasant professional pro. I got to the action and was pleasantly surprised that the action until the end of the course would not be a change. Girls advise this salon, it employs professionals in their field!)


Very nice atmosphere. Did the first in this salon. If all goes well, I will continue))) Special thanks to Natalia)))

Evgenia BardahEvgenia Bardah

The best reviews about the salon . Professionals with a capital letter and just very nice people, after you leave as with a massage session, complete relaxation (and who says there that laser hair removal hurts?) Thank you for making us beautiful The result is very happy! I definitely recommend it!

Mariya StarovoitMariya Starovoit

I want to join my enemies. Syozhny Bula vzhe 4 times a Tk-laser without rosters on the street. Pool 5B. Mysterious calm salon with a reception staff, start a tea, Cava and tsukerki. Okrem Podyaka Natali. The procedure was passed without the pain of Maya, which was not specific. During the roster of the Maistre and the Bistro, after splitting an hour of procedure,)), loyal, as well as regularly in the living room, you can’t be pleased, but you can see the whole course of the procedure. Definitely recommend. Do not check)

Elena KarpovaElena Karpova

I found Tanya by chance, but like everything in life it is not an accident at all) This is an excellent master, attentive and positive, sincere person. A good master, in our time, is worth her weight in gold (there are lots of masters, but good units), but a good person endangered species. In a word, try - you will understand.


Highly recommend! The master is just a pro, his job is neat and fast. In addition, a very pleasant person, positive and kind! Thank you customers and prosperity! ;)

Galina RomanchukGalina Romanchuk

Vіzitom blinked without a favor zadovolena)))) The procedure was passed Mayzhe without painful zavydyaki ndivіdualno pіdіblanіy інтенсенсіі імпульсів and professionalionalnym dіyam specialіstіv. The atmosphere is light, neviMushena і with humor, duo spriyak rozslablennyu і comfortable prokhodzhennya epilia. Dev_vata just neymovіrnі)))) Dyakuyu you))))

Karina GudkovaKarina Gudkova

City center. Getting comfortable. Always smiling focused master. Result. As a result, I am a regular customer. Thanks for the quality.

Diana BabeshkoDiana Babeshko

Great master! Having got to Tatiana for the first time by chance, I don’t leave anyone else for her! Excellent result, quickly and efficiently!) And regular Promotions, which is very nice)


Dear and respected beauties of the capital and not only) Master Tatiana - will become your indispensable assistant in this very topical issue, helping us all to become more perfect and saving our income) that Tatiana did for me incredible! I am no longer a hairy baby mammoth) Hair almost does not grow, and if it shows its assertiveness to life, it turns out light and fluffy, almost not noticeable)

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  • Сколько процедур лазерной эпиляции нужно, чтобы полностью избавиться от нежелательных волос?️️🙌
Даем ответ на один из самых популярных вопросов от наших клиентов💛
Обратите внимание, что удаление волос – это не одноразовая процедура, а целый курс. Он включает в себя от 6 до 8 процедур, которые могут регулироваться специалистом в зависимости от индивидуальных особенностей.
Например, для удаления волос в зоне лица в среднем может понадобиться 10-12 процедур✔️
  • В поиске качественного крема для век?🔍
Обрати внимание на 3W Clinic Horse Oil Eye Cream. Продукт, который интенсивно увлажняет кожу, снимает отёки и осветляет тёмные круги под глазами🌿
◽️Крем стимулирует регенерацию тканей, нормализует гидробаланс и регулирует работу сальных желез.
◽️Создаёт не ощутимую плёнку, которая не даёт уходить влаге и оптимизирует гидробаланс.
◽️Стимулирует синтез коллагена и эластина, а также нейтрализует влияние свободных радикалов.
🌱Объем: 40 мл
🌱Цена: 140 грн
Для заказа пиши в Direct📩
  • "Если ты способен видеть прекрасное, то только потому, что носишь прекрасное внутри себя. Ибо мир подобен зеркалу, в котором каждый видит собственное отражение."❤️
  • WOW ВЫБОР! 😍
Когда все твои любимые корейские бренды собраны в Tk-Laser💫
Просто напоминаем💛Что у нас ты можешь не только сделать лазерную эпиляцию, но и приобрести классные бьюти-средства. Мы позаботились о том, чтоб девушка с любым типом кожи могла подобрать для себя идеальный вариант.
А ты любишь корейскую косметику?
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