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Price: 300 UAH

Korean cosmetic brand The Saem presents the universal Body & Soul lotion suitable for all skin types. The formula of the product is based on natural components that saturate the skin with useful substances and structural trace elements that increase the overall tone and protective functions of the skin. The lotion has a delicate texture, is easily distributed, quickly absorbed and gives instant hydration to even very dry and dehydrated skin. The product creates a protective film on the skin that protects the body from moisture loss in a dry or air-conditioned room.

A gentle body lotion with milk proteins, silk proteins, as well as cottonseed and argan oils – an excellent body skin care product. The lotion effectively moisturizes the skin, saturates it with the necessary nutrients necessary to maintain the beauty and youth of the skin, softens and smoothes the skin, tones it, makes it elastic and elastic.

Milk proteins – rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. Nourish, moisturize and soften the skin; accelerate collagen synthesis, prevent premature aging, make the skin supple and elastic, are natural antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals.

Cotton oil – almost 60% of phytosterols, a high concentration of vitamin E, a storehouse of unsaturated fatty acids, this combination provides the oil with excellent cosmetic and dermatological properties: it improves the protective functions of the skin and improves its structure, regulates metabolic processes in the skin cells, thereby improving the appearance skin, it becomes elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, peeling disappears, and the tone becomes more even and light. The oil helps the skin resist the effects of negative environmental factors, protects against wind, sun and frost, and also has antibacterial activity.

Natural silk, known to mankind for more than 5 thousand years, is very popular in cosmetics. 97% silk consists of proteins – fibroin and sericin. Sericin nourishes the skin, provides oxygen, helps smooth wrinkles and regenerate it. The effect of sericin is confirmed, it is an effective and safe tool, an environmentally friendly natural product, hypoallergenic and has the ability to prevent the propagation of pathogenic microbes. As part of the lotion, silk proteins give long-lasting hydration to the skin, restore skin firmness and elasticity, accelerate wound healing, and prevent inflammation.

Argan oil – intensively moisturizes and nourishes, restores skin vitality and well-being. Oil helps restore elasticity and firmness to the skin, smoothes it. The powerful antioxidant properties of the oil protect the skin from the effects of free radicals and the negative effects of UV rays.

Peppermint extract – has soothing and analgesic properties, relieves swelling and fatigue of the skin, has an antiseptic effect, prevents inflammation and irritation on the skin, soothes and refreshes the skin, restores its elasticity, and improves tone.

Volume: 300 ml

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Price: 300 UAH

Korean cosmetic brand The Saem presents the universal Body & Soul lotion suitable for all skin types. The formula of the product is based on natural components that saturate the skin with useful substances and structural trace elements that increase the overall tone and protective functions of the skin. The lotion has a delicate texture, is easily distributed, quickly absorbed and gives instant hydration to even very dry and dehydrated skin. The product creates a protective film on the skin that protects the body from moisture loss in a dry or air-conditioned room.

The main ingredient is an extract of the exotic mangosteen fruit. In addition to the delicious aroma, mangosteen also has a huge healing effect. The main active ingredient of this fruit are numerous xanthones – powerful antioxidants that work as effective traps of active forms of nitrogen and oxygen, also exhibit antiviral, anti-inflammatory activity.

The lotion also contains peach extract, which has a nourishing, moisturizing and fortifying effect. Gently brightens, removes sagging skin, increases turgor, gives elasticity. Reduces inflammation and irritation, eliminates dryness.

African shea butter strengthens the immune system of the skin, has an excellent regenerative and soothing ability, thanks to which inflammation heals faster and pass irritations.

Jojoba oil is highly valued for its magical moisturizing and nourishing properties, and it also serves as a natural effective conductor deep into the skin for other beneficial extracts and minerals.

Volume: 300 ml

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Price: 300 UAH

Korean cosmetic brand The Saem presents the universal Body & Soul lotion suitable for all skin types. The formula of the product is based on natural components that saturate the skin with useful substances and structural trace elements that increase the overall tone and protective functions of the skin. The lotion has a delicate texture, is easily distributed, quickly absorbed and gives instant hydration to even very dry and dehydrated skin. The product creates a protective film on the skin that protects the body from moisture loss in a dry or air-conditioned room.

A body lotion with hibiscus extract will give an excellent aroma, incredible softness and tenderness. Due to the content of quilt oil in the composition of the product, it effectively fights against dryness and tightness on the skin, gives dry, flaky and flabby skin valuable care, moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic and elastic, reducing puffiness.

The lotion also contains shea butter, which has valuable properties and has a very beneficial effect on the skin condition, eliminates peeling, improves firmness and helps fight skin inflammation. Increases skin tone and eliminates dryness and tightness.
The extract of a tropical flowering tree – plumeria gives an unusual aroma, pleasant feeling and comfortable application of the product on the skin.

Volume: 300 ml

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Price: 280 UAH

Thai body scrub The Saem Body & Soul Sweet Thai Body Scrub perfectly renews the skin without damaging it.

Volume: 200 ml

The tool works immediately in three directions:

effectively but delicately exfoliates dead epidermal cells;
thanks to the complex of plant components included in the composition, the scrub nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while soothing irritations;
It has a pleasant fruity aroma that leaves a thin plume on the skin, as well as a gel texture interspersed with small particles of apricot kernels and grapes, due to which the scrub gently polishes the skin.

The main active components:

Jojoba oil, which is not only useful for its magical properties of moisturizing, nourishing, softening and giving the skin elasticity, is also a natural conductor for other extracts and healthy vitamins and minerals.
Mangosteen peel extract, a terrific antioxidant, relieves skin cells of toxins and protects from the negative effects of the environment. This fruit perfectly refreshes and cools the upper layer of the epidermis, contains a huge amount of vitamins C and E, which beneficially affect the skin, at the cellular level, regenerating and restoring it.

Shea butter boosts the immune system, just like jojoba oil is an excellent conductor that nourishes the deeper layers of the skin with minerals and vitamins that are most valuable to it, making the skin more elastic, supple and attractive. We must not miss the fact that this oil has an excellent calming property, due to which all inflammations and irritations pass away in a moment, eliminates dryness and tightness of the skin.

Plumeria extract, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Plumeria essential oil contains more than 37 components that provide a restoring effect on the skin.

Hibiscus extract, perfectly cleanses and tones, reduces pores, regulates sebum secretion and removes comedones, strengthens blood vessels. It has strong antioxidant and regenerative properties. Stimulates and normalizes metabolic processes in the skin, helps collagen synthesis, providing a rejuvenating effect.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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Price: 400 UAH

The most famous and most popular cream is MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream.
This cream is multifunctional, it serves as a base for makeup, carries the functions of a foundation and concealer, since it is very dense; It has sun protection and is very large (SPF – 42), and also moisturizes the skin well and fights inflammation.
This cream contains chamomile and rosemary extract, rose and jojoba seed oil, macadamia oil, algae extract, caviar extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid, arbutin and adenosine. Due to its composition, the cream moisturizes and smooths the skin structure well.
The texture of MISSHA is a very dense cream, perhaps one of the most dense. It has a very high hiding power, it easily conceals skin imperfections such as spots, rosacea mesh, pigmentation and even sore spots.
Despite the density of the texture, it is quite easily smeared, does not lie with a mask and after ten minutes merges with the skin. It does not emphasize pores, but the general view becomes as if photographed.
This BB cream lasts all day, does not float, does not wear out and sits as if driven in tightly. Matts medium.
With regular use, Missha Perfect Cover bleaches pigmentation, improves skin structure and complexion becomes more even. Also, this BB cream dries up inflammation, creates an ideal face with an even tone, is invisible on the face, makes it look fresh and matte. Suitable for any skin type. The presented product provides a perfectly uniform coating, as well as effective protection of the skin from UVA and UVB radiation.
No. 21 – created for fair skin without a hint of tan.
No. 23 is the most optimal choice for an ordinary European skin tone. Suitable for a very light tan. Perfectly adapts to any skin tone.

Method of application: After cleansing and skin care, apply a small amount of BB cream to the face. Top with powder.

Volume: 50 ml

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Excess: 100 ml. Price: 100 UAH.

Intensively moisturizing hand cream with a high content of snail secretion, contains natural ingredients.

It perfectly moisturizes dry skin of the hands, heals small wounds and cracks, slows down the aging process.

It has a light, quickly absorbed texture, gently cares for cuticles. It is very economically consumed, provides constant hydration and rejuvenates the skin of the hands.

The composition of the cream includes various extracts of herbs, oils and other active ingredients that nourish, regenerate dry skin of the hands.

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Price: 100 UAH

Cream with olive extract provides long-term protection of the skin of the hands from the adverse effects of the environment and household chemicals. Olive extract helps deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, softens and improves elasticity, protects against peeling and irritation, and prevents premature wrinkles.
The cream will protect your hands from chapping and drying out, both in hot and frosty, windy weather. The cream is easily and quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue or sticky film. With regular use, it will help preserve the beauty and youth of the hands.

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Excess: 100 ml. Price: 100 UAH.

Super-moisturizing, anti-aging, protective and healing hand cream with collagen.

Hand cream is specially formulated for dry, damaged, dehydrated, sensitive and chapped skin.

It contains marine collagen, which has a strong moisturizing effect and allantoin, which has excellent wound healing properties.

The cream perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, relieves irritation, heals cracks, and treats weathered or flaky skin areas.

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Excess: 100 ml. Price: 100 UAH.

The cream softens, nourishes and moisturizes dry hands. It smoothes the texture of the epidermis, reduces the severity of wrinkles, slows down the manifestation of age-related changes and creates lasting protection against negative external influences.

The cream restores skin health, accelerates the healing of wounds and microcracks, relieves inflammation and soothes irritations. It normalizes fluid balance, relieves fatigue, eliminates dryness and peeling.

Apple extract brightens, refreshes and tones the skin. It nourishes cells with vitamin C, activates metabolism, stimulates the functioning of its own immunity and strengthens skin health.

Shea butter softens and smoothes the skin, fills all the irregularities of the epidermis, reduces the depth of wrinkles and creases. It also provokes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which fight the signs of early wilting and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Aloe extract suppresses the activity of bacteria, eliminates pathogenic manifestations and stimulates tissue regeneration. It regulates the water-fat balance, eliminates dryness and peeling, slows down age-related changes and protects against negative external influences.

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Excess: 50 ml. Price: 295 UAH.

Korean refreshing cream Elizavecca has a special formula, rich with hyaluronic acid, a soothing Aloe Vera extract, as well as red ginseng revitalizing extract.

Due to the active natural ingredients action, after applying the cream instantly turns into magic drops of life-giving moisture, which is absorbed, deeply penetrates into the epidermis layers, protecting the skin from dryness, wrinkles and premature aging. The cream comprehensively cares for dry dull skin, significantly improves its structure, makes it smooth, gives a beautiful complexion, provides freshness and radiance. It is perfect for summer due to its light texture.

The main components of the product are a complex of natural plant extracts (soybeans, Gotu Kola), which have a noticeable tightening and tonic effect.

Hyaluronic acid prevents rapid moisture evaporation, protects the dermis from drying out, makes it very soft and smooth by-touch.

Niacinamide and adenosine are also designed to normalize the water balance of the epidermis. They promote more active production of elastin and collagen, smooth unevenness, improve complexion.

How to use: Apply the cream to cleansed skin, gently whip with your fingertips until completely absorbed.

Perfect care for dry, mature, normal skin.

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Volume: 30 ml Price: 130 UAH

The cream products range from the well-known Korean brand Tony Moly will not only take care of your hands, but also remind you of summer and warm countries. Natural Hand Cream contains natural plants and fruits extracts that take care of the skin and keep up your spirit with its aroma. The format of the cream will make it easy to take it in a trip or put in a purse.


The Green Hand range is represented by the following means:


  • Green Tea is cream with green tea extract. It has a light lotion texture, softens the skin and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Berry Mix is berry based lotion. It has a bright aroma of wild berries, perfectly moisturizes and brightens the skin.
  • Milk is cream with milk extract. It nourishes the skin, accelerates regeneration and has a lightening effect.
  • Honey is cream with honey extract. It nourishes the skin with useful substances.
  • Avocado is oily cream with avocado fruit extract. Moisturizes and nourishes, perfectly copes with micro cracks and shedding.
  • Shea butter is shea butter cream. Due to the similar structure of shea butter and sebum, it perfectly nourishes and restores the natural skin balance.
  • Acacia is acacia extract cream. Accelerates regeneration and helps to increase the skin protective functions.
  • Lotus is cream with lotus extract which smooths the skin and has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Rose is cream with a rose. Possesses pleasant flower aroma, tightens and protects the skin.
  • Moringa is oily cream based on moringa plant. It nourishes and protects the skin.
  • Gardenia is cream with gardenia flower extract. It has a light floral scent, cares for the skin, makes it soft and velvety.
  • Cherry blossom is cherry lotion. It takes care of damaged skin, saturates it with vitamins and minerals.
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Volume: 60pcs. Year Price: 350 UAH

The range is represented by the following products:

  1. RUBY (pink patches with pink water obtained from damask rose and ruby powder)

Patches with a complex effect, moisturize, rejuvenate the skin and give it shine.

Suitable for any skin type and age, as a SOS-remedy before going out, and as a regular spa-procedure.

  1. GOLD (patches with gold and royal jelly)

Gold has a powerful firming and rejuvenating effect; royal jelly and natural extracts provide nourishment and hydration.

Perfect care for those who already faced loss of a tone or want to prevent this process.

  1. PEARL (pearl patches with shea butter)

Patches with an active antioxidant effect, which provides pearl powder and deep nourishment due to useful oils.

Perfect care for girls with dry skin of the eyes.

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Volume: 30 ml
Volume: 160 ml Price: 330 UAH

Etude House Baking Powder B.B Deep cleansing foam for effective skin cleansing from impurities and resistant cosmetics, including BB creams, leaves a pleasant purity feeling after use. However, it does not dry out and tighten the skin.

The foam removes waste products of the sebaceous glands, gradually normalizes their work, reduces sebum production and affects the main causes of inflammation, preventing their occurrence.

The foam pleases with a pleasant scent that delivers even more pleasure during the cleansing procedure.

It forms a thick foam with a bunch of small air bubbles that are responsible for deep cleansing, gently massage the skin, stimulate blood flow and saturate with oxygen.

Perfect care for normal, oily and problem skin.

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one-time triangle (7 ml) - 25 UAH
Volume: 30 ml Price: 220 UAH.

Korean sleeping mask for dried and tired skin in three formats

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

Sleeping mask with pumpkin extract is perfect for the treatment and regeneration of blemish-prone skin, it will also serve as an effective prophylactic means.

  • Pumpkin is a rich source of natural zinc, which copes well with acne, cleanses dead cells, rejuvenates and cleans it.
  • The mask saturates the skin with vitamins, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, has smoothing and nourishing properties.
  • Also, the product can be used to treat burns, rashes and eczema.
  • The mask deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin, quickly absorbs, without causing a feeling of stickiness.

The mask consists of pumpkin seed extract, salicylic acid, microelements (zinc, copper, potassium salts, silicon, manganese), vitamins (C, PP, B2, B6, D1), carotene.

Perfect care for all skin types.

How to use:

  • Apply evenly on face and neck (thicker than cream)
  • In case that after 20 minutes the mask is not completely absorbed, you can wat the excess with a napkin

Leave the mask overnight and wash in the morning as usual.

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Volume: 100 ml Price: 400 UAH

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask 

The product, created on the basis of extremely useful natural clay, enriched with oxygen bubbles, thoroughly cleanses the pores of impurities and excess sebum, effectively eliminates greasy plugs and black spots. The caring ingredients normalize the sebum production, improve cellular metabolism and saturate the epidermis with moisture and oxygen. Under the influence of this wonderful product, the pores significantly narrow, the complexion improves, the skin becomes matte, smooth and velvety.

  • Deeply cleanses, pulls out the impurities of the deepest pores, absorbs excess sebum and removes cosmetics shedding.
  • Stimulates cell regeneration, harmonizes the micro texture and helps to improve the complexion

How to use: apply a thin layer, wait for 5 minutes until the mask foams and pushes out all the dirt from the pores, then you can massage the face with the mask and wash it off

Enough minimum for 30 uses

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Volume: 50 ml Price: 350 UAH



Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer. The acid saturates the skin with moisture, prevents its evaporation. Hyaluronic acid has an active rejuvenating effect.


The Elizavecca brand introduced highly concentrated serum, which includes hyaluronic acid. Serum is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the product retains moisture and constantly creates the effect of its dispersion, thereby constantly restoring the moisture balance, softening the skin and increasing its elasticity.

Serum narrows enlarged pores. The mean has a significant rejuvenating effect, as it reduces the depth of wrinkles and whitens pigment spots. With the help of a traditional serum pipette, you can apply the necessary mean. The condition of the skin is greatly improved due to this product.

How to use: apply 2-3 drops to clean skin and spread evenly. It is recommended to apply as the course.

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Volume: 50ml Price: 350 grn

Face serum Elizavecca CF Nest 97% B Jo Serum

CF Nest (97% concentration) is one of the most popular products in Asia, this natural ingredient is extracted manually from the nests of swallows, using only their inner surface. It is part of the composition of traditional oriental medicine and cosmetology.

CF nest consists of peptides, protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and amino acids.

The enzyme of CF nest provides a lifting unwrinkled effect and prevents the emergence of new ones. Stimulates the process of tissue regeneration. Deeply moisturizes, nourishes, refreshes and softens the skin. Improves overall skin condition.

EGF – epidermal growth factor. It is a polypeptide that is present in many tissues of the body. It is he who slows down the work of the gene responsible for aging, stimulating the activity and growth of skin cells. EGF promotes the renewal of epidermal cells, making the skin supple and elastic.

Also consists of:

Niacinamide is one of the three most effective cosmetic ingredients. It stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the protective functions of the skin, helps reduce trans epidermal moisture loss from the skin and reduce pigmentation, softens, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes, tightens pores, soothes, is effective when used for sensitive skin, has a warming effect and improves microcirculation, brightens.

Adenosine – stimulates the collagen production.

Allantoin – soothes irritated skin.

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Price: 80 UAH

The range is represented by the following products:

  1. Ruby (hydrogel facial mask with ruby and Bulgarian rose infusion)

Contained in the product the ruby powder provides skin nutrition, gives it a smooth tone and a youthful appearance. A vitaminized floral tincture from the Bulgarian rose gives the skin a deep moisturizing and saturation with vitamins! Very soon you will notice that the wrinkles have smoothed out, and the skin has become more elastic!

  1. Pearl (hydrogel facial mask with pearls and shea butter)

Exhausted pearl powder contains more than twenty useful amino acids and minerals, so after the first application your skin will become stronger, healthier and more beautiful! And all of this is possible without a feeling of stickiness or dryness, because shea butter softens the skin and eliminates peeling!

  1. Gold (hydrogel facial mask with gold and royal jelly)

Royal jelly is a natural biostimulator, because it accelerates metabolic processes and helps the skin to produce collagen. The face gets a healthy shade, and the contours are tightened as the result. In addition, the mask consists of colloidal gold, which is a kind of “magnet” for water molecules, attracts them into the dermis thickness and intensively holds them. As the result – a beautiful and tended skin after the first application!

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Price: 45 UAH

A’PIEU Milk One Pack sheet mask based on valuable milk proteins and other organic components will give your skin exceptional tenderness, elasticity and velvety. Each mask is aimed at solving a specific skin problem and saturates it with useful components:

  • Cocoa Mask. Special in antioxidant properties. Warns early fading, tightens and smooths out the skin. The mask perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, retains moisture inside the cells, copes with peeling, improves elasticity, improves complexion and protects against the negative effects of UV radiation, which causes photoaging.
  • Coconut mask. Designed for fading and tired skin, prone to the dryness appearance. It has a moisturizing, nourishing, softening and regenerating effect. Normalizes the lipid balance, smooths the wrinkles.
  • Collagen Coffee Mask is a powerful lifting and drainage effect, improving microcirculation. The mask refreshes, tightens, gives skin shine and protects against negative effects.
  • Green tea and witch-hazel Mask. Special in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates healing of injuries, improves the functioning of sebaceous glands, copes with oily sheen in problem areas, removes edema and reduces rosacea manifestations.
  • Milk protein Mask copes with the allergy manifestations, treats inflammation, all-up heals and soothes, improves skin immunity and restores water balance.
  • Strawberry Mask. Nourishes, feed skin with vitamins, tones, increases the rate of cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, lightens skin areas with hyperpigmentation.
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Volume: 40 ml Price: 130 UAH

3W CLINIC Rose Eye Cream is anti-aging moisturizing cream that will give a gentle care to your delicate skin around the eyes.

Rose water and rose extract, niacinamide, adenosine are the main cream components.

Rose water has refreshing, cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, lymphatic drainage, moisturizing, softening and great antiseptic properties. Pink water eyelids cream will give your skin freshness and elasticity.

Can perfectly remove the dark circles and baggy skin below the eyes, as well as the eye strain.Niacinamide in the composition of the cream tones, improving blood circulation, metabolic processes. Also, it stimulates the production of collagen, ceramides, fatty acids, which stop the formation of wrinkles, increase the regenerative capacity of the dermis, its elasticity and firmness.
Regular use of the cream can reduce the depth of wrinkles and pigmentation intensity.
Perfect care for all skin types.
How to use: Apply eyelids cream via ring fingers over the orbital bone in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.

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Volume: 40 ml Price: 130 UAH

3W Clinic Horse Oil Eye Cream is a nourishing eyelids cream with trotter oil. It intensively moisturizes the skin, relieves swelling, brightens dark circles below the eyes, smooths wrinkles, improves dermis smoothness and elasticity.


Revitalizing. The cream stimulates tissue regeneration, normalizes hydro balance, regulates the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Protection. The cream creates an imperceptible patch that prevents moisture from retreating, optimizes the hydro balance, creates durable protection against pathogenic bacteria and the harmful effects of the environment.

Regeneration. The cream stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, neutralizes free radicals’ effects, reduces the wrinkles depth, relieves swelling, restores skin smoothness and elasticity.

Active ingredients:

Trotter oil. This agent has regenerating, healing and rejuvenating effects. It nourishes the skin with valuable amino acids, reduces the wrinkles depth, eliminates dryness and peeling.

Panthenol. Panthenol stimulates tissue regeneration, accelerates the healing of cuts, abrasions, scratches, bites, microcracks and other damages.

Hyaluronic acid. This acid is responsible for skin moisturizing. It retains the water molecules, turning them into a gel and preventing their evaporation. It helps to create optimal hydro balance, protect the dermis from drying out and premature wilting.

Citric acid. Citric acid cleanses, brightens, refreshes and tones the skin. It exfoliates dead cells, helps to get rid of pigmentation, blue below the eyes, redness, post-acne and other imperfections.

Castor oil. Oil nourishes, softens and restores the skin, normalizes its microflora, fights germs, improves metabolism, relieves inflammation and smooth down irritations.

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Price: 65 UAH

Korean sheet masks – Innisfree Skin clinic mask are the most delicate ultrathin sheet masks with a soft formula of 100% organic cotton without the use of animal products, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol and artificial colors. The masks are tight to the skin and provide excellent adhesion, which allows the active components of the serum, which is impregnated with the agent, to penetrate deeper into the skin and have a more effective action.
Include 7 types of masks for different skin types and for solving various problems.

Hyaluronic Acid   is mask with hyaluronic acid. (In stock)

Perfectly moisturizes the skin, eliminates signs of dehydration, removes peeling, irritation and gives the skin a feeling of pleasant comfort, freshness and a feeling of moisturized, nourished skin.

Collagen is collagen mask. (In stock)

It has a rejuvenating, moisturizing and firming effect, effectively removes wrinkles and makes the skin more toned and elastic.

Peptide   is mask with peptides. (Out of stock)

It erases all age traces and has a pronounced anti-aging, moisturizing, regenerating and tightening effect, enhances the synthesis of “native” collagen by the skin and makes the skin more elastic.

Catechin is catechin mask. (Out of stock)

Visibly improves the complexion and evens skin tone, making it smooth, healthy and transparent, effectively fights against wrinkles and sagging skin, making it more toned and elastic.

Vita C is mask with vitamin С. (Out of stock)

Gently brightens, visibly improves the complexion and evens out skin tone, erasing fatigue, gray and dull complexion and making the skin bright, transparent and healthy.

BHA is mask with salicylic acid. (Out of stock)

Perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells, brightens pigmentation and post-acne, evens skin tone and texture, making it even and bright.

Madecassoside   is madecassoside mask (Gotu Kola). (Out of stock)

Perfectly softens and soothes irritated sensitive skin, relieves irritation and inflammation, helps to restore the protective skin barrier.

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Volume: 60 pcs. Price: 320 hryvnas

Korean patches Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch Petitfee consist of:

  • Colloidal gold;
  • natural black pearl powder;
  • Amorphophallus Konjac (natural emulsifier, gelling agent, similar to hyaluronic acid in action);
  • adenosine;
  • collagen;
  • Rosemary, Monarda, Rose, Lavender, Camellia extracts.

Components provide complete care for the skin around the eyes, nourish, regenerate, renovate the skin. Impregnation active substances improve blood circulation, tone up the dermis.

After the first procedure lifting of the skin around eyes is noticeable. The skin below the eyes is smoothed instantly, it becomes noticeably lighter, puffiness and dark circles disappear for the whole day. Cosmetics with gold acts in the deep layers of the epidermis, as colloidal gold is able to quickly and completely penetrate the connective tissue. This substance is a kind of conductor of active and nutrient trace elements into the cells.

Patches are recommended for use at any age, suitable for those who wear contact lenses, extended eyelashes, and have hypersensitive eyelid skin. It is used to care for all types of dermis.

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Volume: 15ml. Price: 300 UAH

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask is the night lip mask with camellia oil and vitamin E, a sensational novelty that has a beneficial effect. Perfect care for girls whose lips are dried out with matte lipstick, worn out in the sun or in the wind, damaged, peeled, prone to cracks and “slipping” off.

The product gently cares even for ultra-dry lips, making their thin skin incredibly soft, elastic, nourished and soft. It has a regenerating effect and provides a rejuvenating, tightening effect. The composition contains oils of jojoba, camellia seeds and meadowfoam, moringa and Argan tree oilseeds. They help to improve the appearance and blood microcirculation, protect against negative influences from the outside and prevent the moisture evaporation. Due to vitamin E in the composition and beneficial shea butter, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin of the lips becomes smoother, more even.

The product has a slight coral tinge, obtained from such natural plant components as Basil leaves, chamomile, leaf and bark of Indian neem, turmeric. It differs from analogs in high performance and practicality.

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Price: 105 UAH

Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution deeply moisturizes all skin layers, prevents the formation of peeling, nourishes, fill skin with a complex of valuable vitamins and trace elements.

The product consists of natural extracts and oils, which not only improve the appearance, but also heals at the cellular level, helps to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of skin for a long time.

Panthenol soothes, relieves irritation and inflammation, promotes rapid healing of skin damaged, provides a gentle exfoliation of dead skin particles of the epidermis, accelerates metabolic processes in the cells.

Xylitol (natural fruit acid) gently brightens, eliminates unwanted age spots, evens out the tone of the face.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the middle skin layer, activates the production of collagen and elastin, restores damaged fibers, rejuvenates, tightens the skin, makes it more elastic, smooths facial wrinkles.

Sea kelp extract mineralizes cells, fill them with important trace elements, strengthens the membrane walls.

Cytase provides a more thorough penetration of nutrients into the pores, prevents excessive evaporation of moisture.

Ginger Root extract strengthens cellular immunity, restores the protective functions of the epidermis.

Grapefruit extract has a tonic, antioxidant effect.

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Price: 105 UAH

Aloe Vera moisturizing mask with the generated moistening effect

Intensively moisturizing and soothing mask for dry skin. The effect of prolonged skin hydration. Phytoncide complex protects the skin from the effects of microbes. It has a tonic, binder effect, causes a narrowing of pores, suppresses the activity of sweat glands. The mask is effective for treating dry, irritated, sensitive skin. Well removes redness and swelling after cleansing. It improves blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory, resorbable and antibacterial effect.

Panthenol perfectly renovates the skin exposed to the adverse effects of cold, wind, heat and dry wind, dampness and sunlight. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, softens and regenerates the skin.

Aloe Vera extract provides a multi-level skin protection. Aloe long-chain polysaccharides are distributed over the skin’s surface, creating a moisturizing patch, and polysaccharides with shorter chains penetrate the skin and stimulate the immune cells of Langerhans. Additionally, a polysaccharide patch protects the skin from UV radiation. The extract contains over 160 ingredients. These are amino acids, vitamins, minerals. It has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes the skin and helps it retain moisture, reduces inflammation. It has softening, moisturizing effect. Effective for fading skin, acne. It has a powerful healing and regenerating effect, several times increasing the elasticity of the skin, due to the content of a Lignin special substance. It helps the penetration of moisture and enzymes into the deep skin layers, enhancing metabolic processes.

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Price: 125 UAH

Dermask Micro Jet Brightening Solution is “ambulance” sheet mask from the Korean brand Dr. Jart + for rejuvenating the face and improving the appearance.

The microfiber-based mask fits tightly to the face, renovates the epidermis texture, provides a powerful antioxidant effect, brightens the skin tone, smooths wrinkles, gives the skin a youthful glow.

Niacinamide and glutathione in the composition of the emulsion mask give impetus to the regenerative processes in the epidermis, improve the synthesis of their own ceramides, stimulate microcirculation, increase skin elasticity, improve microrelief, contribute to the accumulation of moisture depot. Protect skin from excessive UV radiation, soften post-acne spots and hyperpigmentation.

The mask emulsion contains Vitamin E, Sodium hyaluronate, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Bergamot oils; trehalose, allantoin.

Citrus oils exfoliate dead skin cells, cleanse it, normalize repair processes, have an anti-inflammatory effect, brighten the skin tone. Sodium hyaluronate and trehalose deeply moisturize the epidermis, fibroblasts awaken to collagen synthesis, moisture accumulation is created.

Perfect care for the tired aged skin.

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Price: 300 UAH.
  1. Dermask Rubber Mask Bright Lover 

Redefine Alginate Mask helps to redefine a well-groomed look to your skin in just one application of the remedy. Due to the dense alginate base, the active components penetrate into the pores better and act in the deep layers of the skin, healing it at the cellular level.

The basis of the product is Irish moss: strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood microcirculation, smooths mimic wrinkles, rejuvenates, protects against negative environmental factors.

Laminarin has the strongest cell mineralization, strengthens, increases the protective functions of the epidermis, reduces the number of free radicals.

Panthenol – relieves irritation and inflammation, soothes, heals skin damage.

Turmeric extract lightens unwanted pigment spots and freckles, smooths traces of post acne and scars, tightens pores, prevents the appearance of rosacea.

Horseradish tree extract kills harmful germs and bacteria, does not allow them to cause inflammatory processes, relieves swelling, signs of fatigue and sleep lack.

  1. Dermask Rubber Mask Firming Lover

Anti-Aging Modeling Mask with Wild Berry Extract vitaminizes, restores, nourishes, moisturizes the skin after the first use.

Mask consists of two parts, thanks to which the beneficial components act not only on the surface of the epidermis, but also penetrate deep into the pores and heal the dermis at the cellular level.

The product consists of wild berries extract, it is rich in useful vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries walls, improves blood flow, rejuvenates, activates metabolic processes.

Laminarin mineralizes, evens tone, smooths out bumps, traces of post acne and small scars, tightens pores, prevents the development of rosacea, removes oily sheen.

Red algae kill harmful germs and bacteria, absorb and remove toxins and slags, cleanse the skin.

Panthenol soothes, relieves redness, irritation and inflammation, heals damaged areas of the skin, improves cellular respiration, oxygenates.

Allantoin – accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, relieves muscle tension, removes puffiness, restores damaged collagen fibers, fills and smooths mimic wrinkles, rejuvenates, slows down the process of premature aging.

  1. Jart+ Rubber Mask Clear Lover

Thanks to new technologies MODELING ALGINATE MASK “PURIFICATION MANIA” has a high efficiency of the professional alginate masks, it does not require mixing of ingredients and is very easy to use.

The composition of the active agent applied under the mask includes a complex of natural ingredients (extracts of green tea leaves, grape seed and persimmon), which provide pores cleansing and leveling the skin surface. Alginate coating allows the skin to absorb all the beneficial substances as much as possible and prevents their evaporation from the skin surface. The complex of seaweed extracts that is part of the mask actively increases the skin moisture level.

  1. Modeling alginate mask – Dr. Jart Dermask Rubber Mask Moist Lover

A unique two-phase agent for modeling, moisturizing and toning the skin. Does not contain parabens, thickeners and artificial colors, so the mask is suitable even for owners of sensitive skin.

The mask consists of two parts, in separate sachets there is a special essence and the mask itself.

Alginate helps to a more thorough penetration of components into the pores, prevents leakage of moisture through the cell membrane.

Hyaluronic acid accelerates collagen and elastin production, affects the nerve endings, relieves muscle tension, smooths deep wrinkles, and also fills and removes facial expressions.

Carrageen moss absorbs complex impurities, residues of cosmetics, removes toxins and slags, improves cell immunity.

China tree fruits extract fill with group B vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, regulates the sebaceous glands, eliminates oily shine in the T-area.

Solanum melongena extract tones, tightens, increases dermis turgor, corrects the face shape, activates metabolic processes in the cells, has lifting effect.

Unique mask Dr. Jart + provides an impeccable face look after the first use, helps you always enjoy moisturized, soft skin.

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Price: 200 UAH.

In stock 1, 3 and 4

The first “Moisturizing” mask with hyaluronic acid for deep moisturizing of normal, dry and combination skin. The mask will help to quickly moisturize the epidermis, renovate its elasticity.

The third “Toniс” mask modeling with ceramides promotes careful saturation of cells with oxygen, moisturizes, improves the natural protective epidermis functions. Perfect care for all skin types.

The fourth “Shining Skin” mask with sea-buckthorn extract will help in the shortest possible time to eliminate the signs of fatigue and dull skin, make it more elastic, tighten the facial contours. Perfect care for thin, sensitive and problem skin.

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Volume: 55 ml Price: 125 uah
Volume: 250 ml Price: 250 UAH

And our best Aloe Gel from Holika holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel 

The product is multifunctional, contains a high concentration of Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera has wound healing, astringent, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, softening, moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, rejuvenating and refreshing effect. The gel has a thick texture and a pleasant flavor, absorbs well, leaving no sticky sensations. A beauty product throughout the day leaves a feeling of freshness and vitality, moisturizes and nourishes the dermis, prevents its dryness and dullness, restores the water and lipid balance. The complex of plant components (Centella Asiatic, extract of bamboo, cactus, citrus, castor oil) improves blood circulation, dries pimples and acne, controls sebum production, nourishes the skin with oxygen and useful substances.

The gel is completely hypoallergenic, can be used for children from the age of 6 months.

  • soothes, relieves skin tension and sensitiveness
  • opens and cleans pores, relieves inflammation, heals acne in case of oily and problem skin
  • revitalizes and improves the mature skin elasticity
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Volume: 150 ml. Price: 370 hryvnas

Elizavecca Hell-Pore Vitamin Brigh Turn Peeling Gel provides gentle exfoliation of keratinized particles, as well as gently nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The product contains natural extracts and oils that don’t cause allergic, and in the shortest terms will make your face fresh, rested and well-groomed.

Peeling does not contain coarse abrasive components that damage cell membranes, only natural ingredients for your skin health.

  • Camomile extract, which is the basis of the product, soothes, relieves irritation, inflammation and skin redness, strengthens and restores the natural protective functions of the epidermis.
  • Saussurea extract accelerates cell regeneration, scaling dead skin, harmonies and reliefs the face.
  • Rockweep extract rejuvenates, activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, tightens the dermis, makes it more elastic, smooths mimic wrinkles, also affects the antibacterial effect, kills harmful microbes, prevents them from multiplying in the pores and cause inflammation, eliminates such defects as acneiform rash, acne, whiteheads.
  • Сastor oil softens, removes dryness and peeling, deeply nourishes all skin layers, nourishes with vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Lemon juice gently brightens age spots, smooths traces of post acne, nourishes the epidermis with vitamin C.
  • Madonna lily extract regulates the production of sebum and the sebaceous glands, eliminates undesirable oily shine in T-area, prevents blockage and the formation of sebaceous plugs.

How to use: clean the skin from makeup. Apply the gel on the dry skin with massage movements until the formation of the pellets. Then rinse with warm water.

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Volume: 7 g Price: 25 UAH

Etude house Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub pyramids

Solve such problems as peeling, rash, unpeeled skin, pores impurity, oily sheen, uneven face tone, dull color and pallor.

The properties of this small pyramid of 40% consisting of baking soda:

  • Deeply cleans pores and constricts them
  • Helps to fight with blackheads
  • Has antiseptic and antibacterial effect
  • Relieves inflammation and minor irritations
  • Polishes the skin to perfect shine
  • Does not scratch and damage the epidermis
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Price: 65 UAH

Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze Mask series are impregnated with a nutritional foundation with a special formula that allows you to quickly and comprehensively nourish the face skin, and a tight-fitting 3-level fabric keeps the essence, does not float on the face and provides 100% contact with the skin. Masks based on extracts of rose, acai berries, rice, green tea, strawberries, lime, tea tree, pomegranate, shea butter, aloe, bamboo, cucumber, kiwi perform a common nourishing and moisturizing task, and, in addition, each species has a unique effect peculiar only to it, and the nutrient itself differs in density, here you can find masks of dense cream format, lighter essences and lungs, based on serum.

Coconut is cream type mask based on coconut juice makes dry and rough skin moisturized, soft and smooth;

Shea butter is cream type mask which gives maximum deep moisturizing for very dry skin;

Asai berry is cream type mask enriched with acai berry juice; nourishing mask restores elasticity to dull and dry skin;

Fig is mask type of moisturizing essence, rich in fig juice vitamins, essence makes dull, tired skin smooth, clean and radiant;

Pomegranate is mask type of moisturizing essence, nourishes the skin with pomegranate vitamins, regenerates the skin, makes it radiant and nourished;

Cucumber is mask type of moisturizing essence, enriched essence perfectly restores dry skin, makes it more elastic and tender;

Rose is light moisturizing texture of serum, nourishes and moisturizes all skin types, making it smooth and radiant;

Lime mask has light moisturizing texture of serum, moisturizes and refreshes oily skin, making it bright;

Tea tree mask has light moisturizing texture of the serum, soothes irritations, makes oily problem skin and clean and healthier;

Green tea mask has light moisturizing serum texture, very gentle moisturizing mask is ideal for sensitive dry skin;

Bamboo mask has light moisturizing serum texture, light moisturizing mask for dry and normal skin;

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Volume: 130 ml Price: 270 UAH

A’pieu Lightening Body Cream Vvoyan Whitening Body Cream

Whitening cream that brightens the skin almost instantly after application. Vvoyan Whitening Body Cream can be used both for the face and as a means to combat pigmentation on the skin of the body, is resistant to sweat secretions and external moisture.

The cream contains extracts of lychee, snow lotus, edelweiss and gooseberry, thanks to which it has not only lightening, but also moisturizing, soothing effect, getting the required amount of moisture, the skin maintains tone, becomes elastic and tender.

Means A’pieu perfectly copes with pigmentation, eliminates darkening on the skin.

Application: The cream can be used separately or add a small amount of it to the BB cream to create a foundation for makeup. Apply in portions, rub gently into the skin until completely absorbed.

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Price: 125 UAH

Dermask Intra Jet Winkless Solution mask smooths wrinkles, improves elasticity, moisturizes the skin. Perfect care for normal, combination, dry and mature skin. Bio-peptides + adenosine synergy + collagen, restore elasticity and fight against skin wrinkles. A sensitive hydrogel effectively transfers nutrients to the skin progressively as it heated. Prevents rapid essence evaporation.

Peptides are organic natural substances, which consist of amino acid residues connected by a peptide bond. Due to the peptides effect, existing wrinkles may decrease, skin will become tighten, moisturize, actively resist numerous aging factors, complexion will improve.

Collagen intensively fills the skin with elasticity and prevents it from deforming. Collagen fibers support the skin from the inside, giving it freshness and smoothness. Able to absorb and keep moisture in the subcutaneous layer.

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Price: 95 UAH

Petitfee Agave Cooling Hydrogel Face Mask intended for intensive moisturizing and skin toning.

The mask perfectly eliminates swelling, making the skin fresher and rested. Deep moisturizing helps preserve youthful skin and prevents the wrinkles.

Agave and blueberry extracts are a rich source of beneficial vitamins and trace elements that heal and slow down the skin aging process. They contribute to the preservation of moisture in the cells of the epidermis, strengthen the immune system and have a high antioxidant activity.

Main active constituents:

Agave extract has a disinfecting and antiseptic effect, accelerates the healing of inflammation and relieves itching. Blueberry extract has antioxidant, emollient and anti-aging properties. Gently moisturizes the skin, reduces its sensitivity, nourishes and refreshes. It has a lightening effect, evens the complexion.

Eggplant extract deeply moisturizes the skin, saturates it with useful microelements. It treats acne and other inflammations, brightens the spots and signs of post-acne. Perfectly tones the skin.

Caffeine has a powerful drainage effect. This component tones the skin well, thereby tightening it and eliminating puffiness, stimulates microcirculation and improves metabolism.

Spirulina contains up to 70% high-grade protein, unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic), vitamins A, E, mineral salts and polysaccharides. It has active anti-aging properties, improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Also, in the mask are such algae extracts, which have a calming effect, as Japanese kelp, sargassum, hijiki.

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Price: 95 UAH

Petitfee Chamomile Lightening Hydrogel Face Mask gently brightens and evens skin tone, has an antiseptic effect, eliminates itching and reduces inflammation. Vitamin complex, as part of the product, charges the skin cells with energy, tones and moisturizes.

The mask contains a complex of 4 active ingredients:

  • Chamomile
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Yuja
  • Pumpkin

Chamomile moisturizes and nourishes, whitens and fights pigmentation, stimulates skin regeneration, rejuvenates and gives skin freshness, soothes and restores, improves complexion and softens the skin.

Sea buckthorn (vitamin tree) used as a component that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, regenerating effect, prevents the formation of wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and elasticity.

Yuja- juice and essential oil of this citrus are widely used for cosmetic purposes. They help with skin laxity, as they improve its tone. To use drugs based on them can be combined, dry and fading skin. In addition, Yuja helps to whiten freckles and age spots.

Pumpkin – nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, and also soothes and improves the complexion.

Also included are freesia extract, Baikal skullcap, malt and green tea.

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Volume: 70 ml Price: 150 UAH.

Lightening sunscreen with anti-aging properties Jigott Whitening UV Sun Block SPF 50+/PA+++.

The cream is recommended for skin prone to freckles and pigmentation. For the best effect, the cream should be applied daily. A lightening cream with SPF 50+ will provide a high photoprotection level, as well as a noticeable skin whitening. The product forms a thin protective patch on the skin that protects the skin from the aggressive effects of the UV rays, and also effectively moisturizes and nourishes it, improving the complexion.

Jigott Whitening UV Sun Block SPF 50 + / PA +++ is a multi-functional cream, it gives whitening, protection against UVA + UVB rays, anti-aging care, and has waterproof properties. The whitening sunblock will not only protect your skin from the sun harmful effects, but will also care for it all day long. The protective factor SPF 50 + / PA +++ reflects UV rays, prevents the pigmentation formation and premature skin aging. The active ingredients of the cream have a whitening effect, lightening freckles, pigmentation, traces of cicatricial tissues and scars.

Cream quickly absorbs, leaves no stickiness, it is a perfect base for makeup. Moisture proof.

How to use: apply after the usual daily care before going out.

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Price: 125 UAH

Pore cleaning mask Dr.Jart+ Porecting Solution Dermask

Created to cleanse and pores contraction, but in addition it moisturizes the skin, gives it shine and evens tone. The black fabric base contains coal, which adsorbs impurities, and oxygen bubbles literally push the sebum out of the pores, leaving them clean and constricted.

Thanks to additional active ingredients, such as mastic gum, avocado, eucalyptus, Chinese sumac and asparagus extracts, the mask also cares for the skin, regenerating, increasing its elasticity and stimulating cellular activity.

Adenosine complex, asparagus scape extract significantly improves skin elasticity and gives a younger complexion.

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Price: 125 UAH

Instantly forms a moisturizing barrier and prevents moisture loss, give effect and renovate its initial hydro-lipid balance.

Thanks to its soft formula, the active ingredients (basic components are ceramides and hyaluronic acid) instantly deeply penetrate into the skin, which provides a smooth surface to the face without stickiness and instantly improves the skin texture, giving it freshness, elasticity, healthy radiance.

Important: The mask does not contain sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, flavors and mineral oils!

Perfect care for: normal, dry and sensitive skin.

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Price: 400 UAH

Travel Kit with New Zealand Flax Extract

A functional kit that allows you to care for your skin during short trips. There are 4 products in the kit, such as facial wash, toner, emulsion and cream, which provide both deep thorough cleansing and complete care.

All products moisturize, nourish, soften and soothe the skin. As part of the means, instead of water, the extract of New Zealand flax harakeke is used. It has a soothing and calming effect on the skin, tones it and refreshes. In addition, the harakeke extract is indispensable in the treatment of skin inflammation, since it has antiseptic properties, protects wounds from the bacteria ingress and accelerates healing.

Also, remedy consists of manuka and calendula honeys.

Manuka honey extract nourishes and softens the skin, fills it with vitamins and minerals. This unique honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-fungal effects. That is why manuka honey gives a perfect care for oily and problem skin, soothing it and promoting the healing of inflammation. Manuka honey moisturizes and tones up dry and normal skin, making it soft, soft and velvety.

Calendula extract has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and wound-healing, soothing and cleansing effect, therefore, is indispensable for the care of oily and problem skin. In addition, calendula is used to rejuvenate the skin, reduce pigment spots and freckles. Calendula renovates lost firmness and elasticity of the skin.

  • Facial Wash Urban Eco Harakeke Foam Cleanser

The foam perfectly cleans the skin from impurities, and also has a healing effect. The cleaned skin shines with beauty and health, becomes elastic, sated with necessary vitamins and mineral substances.

  • Moisturizing and nourishing tonic Urban Eco Harakeke Toner

The mean with a light jelly texture is quickly absorbed by the skin and penetrates even into its deepest layers, saturating with life-giving moisture and essential nutrients. It prepares skin for maximum perception of subsequent products.

  • Nutritional Emulsion Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion

Means with a light milky texture is well absorbed by the skin. Regular use of the emulsion, especially in combination with other means of THE SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke line, returns skin elasticity, rejuvenates and prevents premature aging.

  • Moisturizing Nourishing Cream THE SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Cream

The cream intensively soothes and softens the skin, improving its texture, has a regenerating effect, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, gives the skin elasticity and velvety, filling tired skin with the necessary energy.

How to use: Clean the face skin with a foam, then apply the tonic on the cleaned face skin with a cotton pad or directly with your hands, lightly patting, then use an emulsion and / or cream.

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Price: 265 UAH

In summer and winter, autumn and spring – at any time of the year, at any time of the day, sunscreen will protect your skin from burns, pigmentation, and even more serious problems.

Cream with a soft creamy texture does not weigh down the skin, does not clog pores. The cream contains 100% mineral filters that allow using the product even for sensitive skin.

Thanks to a hypoallergenic formula and a complex of plant extracts, prevents the appearance of dryness and peeling. As part of the sunscreen flower complex, which moisturizes, refreshes and soothes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration processes, gives the skin freshness and reliable antioxidant protection.

Perfect care for daily use for any skin type, provides protection against UVA rays, free radicals and protects the skin from dehydration caused by sun. It creates a soft, comfortable coating, has a lotion texture, leaves no sticky effect. The cream helps to even out the tone, giving the skin a clean and fresh look. Watermelon extract has an antioxidant effect, slowing the aging process, stimulates the regeneration processes in the skin cells.

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Price: 245 UAH

3W Clinic UV Snail Day Sun Cream SPF50+/PA+++ is a sunscreen with snail mucin. It allows not only to protect the skin from exposure to UV radiation, but also to renovate, heal, rejuvenate the skin.

Due to the high SPF50 / PA +++ sun protection factor, this remedy even during the period of maximum solar activity will save the skin from burns, redness, irritation and pigmentation.

The cream protects the skin from premature aging.

Designed for all skin types, but especially recommended for dry, dull, pigmented and prone to skin irritations.

The cream consists of snail mucin with high regenerating, renewing, restoring properties, it increases elasticity and strength, keep the required moisture level. It improves the local microcirculation, strengthens the capillary walls, rejuvenates and tightens the skin, brightens pigmentation, helps smooth wrinkles. In addition, snail mucin has the ability to visually smooth out wrinkles, as if filling them from the inside and softening the lines of skin wrinkles, thus simultaneously rejuvenating the skin not only from the inside, but also improving its condition from the outside.

The cream is well absorbed and does not leave a sticky patch on the skin and oily shine.

WITHOUT parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors and fragrances.

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Price: 140 UAH

Cicapair products will help to get rid of dermatological problems and skin imperfections. The mask has an instant effect not only on the epidermis upper layers, it also penetrates into the deeper skin layers.

The key ingredient of the all range is the active complex with plant-stem cells of Gotu Kola, which restores the activity of fibroblasts and stimulates collagen synthesis, accelerates regeneration processes, reduces micro-inflammation, and promotes skin regeneration.

Gives a strong wellness and rejuvenating effect.

Plant extract effectively protects skin stem cells from aging.

Perfect care when:

  • Skin temperature rises due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.;
  • You need to calm the skin, relieve inflammation.;
  • You want to moisturize the skin without stickiness
  • It is necessary to restore the skin after cold, wind and cosmetic procedures.

How to use: recommended time for use on the face is about 10-20 minutes, use on cleansed and toned skin. Do not wash off.

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