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Лазерная эпиляция ноги


A discount -40% Legs completely Deep bikini Armpits

2315 1399 uah

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Эпиляция лазерная на теле


A discount -40% Deep bikini Armpits

1000 620 uah

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эпиляция тела лазером


A discount -40% Deep bikini Armpits Lower legs

*for new customers

1750 1020 uah

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Лазерная эпиляция рук и ног


A discount -40% Lower arms Deep bikini Legs completely Armpits

2715 1599 uah

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Акция: Лазерная эпиляция для мужчин и женщин

Better together!

Bring a man and get 20% discount

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Акционное предложение


A discount -30% Whole body

*for new customers

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Эпиляция лазером для мужчины


A discount -40% Legs completely Deep bikini Armpits

2745 1650 uah

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Акция Лазерная эпиляция груди бикини и подмышек


A discount -40% Chest Deep bikini Armpits

1767 1060 uah

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Акция для мужчин: бикини глубокое и подмышки


Deep bikini - 710 UAH Armpits - for free

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Chest - 600 UAH Armpits - free

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Laser epilation

Our prices

Reasonable prices, regular promotions and discounts, an individual approach to each client will make your self-care pleasant, easy and comfortable.

Our head pride is a team, selected with the best specialists – maystreams, so you can thoroughly rest with a skin day for your result.

We will take care of your beauty, comfort and good mood.

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For women
For men
Deep bikini
Deep bikini 825 uah
Armpits 350 uah
Legs completely
Legs completely 1570 uah
Hands full
Hands full 720 uah
Face completely
Face completely 685 uah
Buttocks 370 uah
Chest 600 uah
Back 1260 uah
Stomach 690 uah
Neck 300 uah

A discount 40%

  • On full legs

  • Deep bikini

  • Armpits

2315 uah 1399 uah
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How is the session in the TK Laser salon

Before starting the procedure, the client puts on goggles.

The cosmetologist examines the area of the procedure and sets the operating modes on the equipment, taking into account the color of the hair and skin of the client.

All consumables are disposable and are additionally disinfected by the client.

A contact gel is applied to the zone, which is a conductor for the beam, protects the skin and facilitates the sliding of the manipula.

After the procedure, Panthenol is applied to the delicate areas of the body to soothe the skin.

How to prepare for the procedure

To make laser hair removal as comfortable and effective as possible, you need to follow these recommendations:

  • and 2 weeks before the procedure, refuse to visit the beach or solarium;
  • only a razor can be used for hair removal 3 weeks before the procedure and throughout the course;
  • Tetracycline antibiotics and fluoroquinolones should not be taken 2 weeks before the procedure. Also, during the course, do not take vitamins A and E, biotin, zinc and folic acid.
  • 3 days before the session, the skin should not be treated with tonics, lotions containing alcohol;
  • on the day of visiting the salon it is necessary to shave the area, as the procedure is performed exclusively on smooth skin.

A discount 40%

  • Deep bikini

  • Armpits

1000 uah 620 uah
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  • tan in the area of the procedure;

  • diabetes mellitus during decompensation;

  • pregnancy;

  • hepatitis;

  • oncology;

  • skin diseases;

  • cardiovascular diseases;

  • metal in the body;

  • varicose veins;

  • blood clotting;

  • keloid scars;

  • hormonal disorders;

  • taking antibiotics and vitamins;

Recommended schedule of procedures

TK Laser Hair Removal Center The laser individually selects the schedule for each client, taking into account its physiological features. We offer two schedules of procedures.

  • Monthly. Perfect for clients whose hair follicles are quickly restored and dormant hair is awakened.
  • Interval. The second and third sessions are held a month after the previous one. If there is a significant slowdown in hair growth, large areas of skin without hair are visible, then subsequent procedures are performed with a long break, an average of 1.5 – 2 months. An individual schedule is built for the client.

For maximum effect, we recommend following the schedule and not skipping sessions.

Skin care after epilation
  • Do not sunbathe on the beach and in the solarium for 2 weeks after the procedure, apply SPF protection if there is a possibility of sun exposure on the skin;
  • 3 days is not recommended to visit the pool, saunas and gym, e use a few days scrubs and peels with abrasive particles;
  • For 2-4 days, apply a product with pantestine (eg Panthenol) twice a day to soothe the skin.