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The massage therapy is one of the most healthful procedures which helps to improve the body condition in its entirety.

The main feature of any massage type is its complex positive effect on the whole organism, despite the fact that only a certain part of the body can be insured to massage. This happens due to the fact that during the massage the blood circulation and the lymph outflow from the tissues are stimulated. As a result, cellular nourishing is improved and enriched with oxygen. Products of metabolism are derived from tissues with blood flow. Irritation of the skin receptors, muscles, tendons, ligaments and vascular walls during the massage process causes the secretion of mediators that transmit impulses to the central nervous system and brain. Under the massage influence, biologically active substances, tissue hormones form and enter the blood, and histamine, endorphin and other substances quickly form, which have a beneficial effect on the organism.

Price 60 minutes - 550 UAH, 90 minutes - 720 UAH

Anticellulite massage is a special technique for the body affection to reduce and eliminate the cellulite evidences. It includes methods of mechanical and reflex impact on cellulite-marked areas, such as pressure, rubbing, pressing, vibration. Aromatic and massage oils with components that promote fat burning are used to enhance the effect.

Anticellulite massage is performed by a course of 8-10 procedures. The specific number of sessions is determined depending on the fat depots and their stage.

It can also be combined with a cupping massage for better effect.


  1. Contagious disease accompanied by body temperature rise. The procedure leads to a certain rise in temperature, as a result, the load on the heart increases.
  2. Cutaneous eruption of phlogistic, allergic or pyogenic nature. Physical effects on the skin injure it and may stimulate the spread of the eruption.
  3. Blood disorders, diseased vessels, characterized by change in a blood clotting ability, a decrease in elasticity and thinning of the vascular walls. These include atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins. Anticellulite massage (especially cupping and with honey) leads to an active engorgement to the treated area and an increase in the load on the vessels.
  4. Massage is a force action, increases the uterine tonus, which is fraught with pregnancy interruption.
  5. Breast-feeding. During the breast-feeding period, the procedure is contraindicated, as it may worsen or inhibit lactogenesis.
  6. Dermatitis
  7. Hypertonia
  8. Neoplasms
  9. Cardiac pathologies

With proper and regular use of anticellulite massage, you may achieve the following effects:

  • to improve capillary circulation;
  • to reduce body volume;
  • the exchange between cells and intercellular fluid is stimulated, as a result, the nutrition of cells is significantly improved and their renewal is accelerated;
  • the process of metabolic products removal from the intercellular space is activated, which prevents the formation of focal congestion and the subsequent cellulite expansion;
  • to increase lymph circulation scientifically;
  • to accelerate the removal of excess fluid from the body, thereby eliminating swelling;
  • to increase muscle tone;
  • to increase the connective tissue elasticity;
  • pores open, skin respiration improves, as a result, internal organs are better supplied with oxygen;
  • active stimulation of the lardaceous and hormonal glands helps to improve the skin structure;
  • thanks to the normalization of the functioning of the lymphatic system increases immunity.
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Price 60 minutes - 550 UAH, 90 minutes - 720 UAH

Lymphatic massage is a procedure that allows you to improve lymphatic outflow by acting on neuroreceptors and capillaries located in the skin, on the deeper tissue layers, lymph vessels and glands. This procedure allows you to eliminate lymphatic stasis, as well as normalize the lymph movement and speed up blood circulation.

Advantages of the lymphatic massage:

  • It is good for immune function. The main function of the lymph is to excrete various decay products and the vital activity of cells, toxins, excess intercellular fluid, viruses and microbes, as well as substances produced as a result of the immune system’s fight against pathogenic germs.
  • This procedure will allow to get rid of edemas and avoid their recurrence.
  • Massage accelerates metabolic processes and thereby normalizes the work of all the most important organism systems, as well as helps to reduce and control body weight.
  • Lymphatic massage is effective for cellulite, because, first of all, it effectively and quickly removes intercellular fluid (its excess is one of the reasons for the so-called “orange peel” appearance), secondly, it improves skin tone.
  • This procedure significantly improves the condition of the skin, starting the synthesis of collagen and elastin, removing toxins and improving nutrition.
  • The procedure will help to relax, improve the emotional state, raise the mood and increase the body stress resistance.


  • Severe vascular heart diseases;
  • emerging infection diseases;
  • exacerbation of existing chronic diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy (any of its terms);
  • breastfeeding period;
  • skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • skin integument damage in the impact area;
  • edemas associated with serious impairment of the cardiovascular system or kidneys;
  • thrombosis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • some diseases of the lymphatic system, such as lymphadenopathy, lymphadenitis;
  • oncology diseases;
  • herpetic fever in active phase.
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Price 60 minutes - 550 UAH, 90 minutes - 720 UAH

The priority of a relaxing massage is to settle the raging nerves and make one feel like new. Meanwhile, these useful properties of massage are not exhausted. After a relaxing massage, the person literally comes to life: blood circulation is stimulated, and as a result, the brain that has received abundant oxygen nutrition becomes ready for work. Tight muscle also relaxes from the massage, which is manifested in the form of an increase in overall vitality and energy surge.


  • internal hemorrhage;
  • ARVI or flue;
  • venereal diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • fungus diseases;
  • gallstone disease;
  • varicosis;
  • pregnancy.
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Price 60 minutes - 550 UAH, 90 minutes - 720 UAH

Sports massage covers the remodeling, processing and restoration of the body soft tissues – muscles, ligaments and tendons.

It is a type of massage that focuses on the muscle systems used in everyday and sports activities. The methods used in it can help reduce pain, increase strength, durability and flexibility.

Overall benefits of the sports massage:

  • Blood circulation and lymph flow are improved.
  • Sedation or initiation of nerve endings.
  • Increase or decrease of the muscles’ length.
  • Help to speed up the metabolism and eliminate toxins.
  • Increase or decrease in muscles’ tone.
  • Changes in the scar tissue if necessary.
  • Assistance in psychological preparation for sports events.

Massage is recommended in the following cases:

  • Inyotonia removal
  • Injury prevention
  • Period of high-level loads
  • Sporting fitness keeping


  • Catarrhal diseases associated with fever
  • Skin cover injury
  • Allergic eruptions
  • Varicosis and venous thrombosis
  • Malignant tumors
  • Lancinating inflammatory processes
  • Pregnancy
  • Bleeding, including menses
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Price 60 minutes - 800 UAH, 90 minutes - 1100 UAH

Stone massage

Stone therapy, or stone massage, is one of the most well-known methods of relaxation and healing the body, based on the hot volcanic stones’ usage. This method began to be used for medicinal purposes 4 thousand years ago, during the time of the Chinese dynasty Chang. Stone massage can positively affect the cardiovascular system, provides a healing effect for breathing disorders, harmonizes the work of the central and vegetative nervous system, and has a relaxing effect on tensed muscles, alleviates the pain, tension and fatigue.

Besides the mentioned, stone massage gives a deep positive effect on the following:

  • Promotion of blood circulation in fixed area;
  • start of metabolic processes, and as a result, weight optimization;
  • muscle spasms and discomfort removal, reduction of engorgement;
  • toxins extracting from the upper skin layers;
  • recovery of the natural skin elasticity;
  • muscular pain removal;
  • alignment of emotional background and improvement of mental condition.


  • Malignant tumors;
  • severe inflammatory processes;
  • chronic diseases in acute stage;
  • bronchial allergy in acute stage;
  • pregnancy;
  • bleeding, including menses.
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