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Epilation diode laser D-Las 110

D-Las 110 Diode Laser for Hair Removal – a new advanced device, which also, like in other models of the D-Las series, uses a high-quality diode emitter.

The device D-Las 110, as a new model, has 3 cooling systems – water, air and semiconductor, which allows the device to function for a long period.

Types of procedures that are performed on the device D-Las 110:

  • laser hair removal on any part of the body;
  • elimination of ingrown hair;
  • elimination of irritation after shaving.
Epilation diode laser D-Las 110

Epilation diode laser Mediostar

Mediostar Diode Laser is a 6th generation diode laser from Asclepion. This is the latest technology innovation, featuring maximum power, shortest pulses and many other functions.

Benefits of the Mediostar Diode Laser:

  • Maximum power, combination of wavelengths and dynamic mode
  • 1.5 cm² surface area for high precision
  • 360 ° cooling system to reduce skin irritation
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Epilation diode laser Mediostar

Epilation diode laser D-Las 100

TD-Las 100 Diode Laser Hair Removal – New, Advanced Laser from Laser Laser.

This device is equipped with a modern diode head manufactured by Dilas (Germany). The use of this diode element manufactured in Germany allows you to make the hair removal procedure even more efficient and safe.

Advantages of the D-Las 100 Diode Laser:

  • new generation device (put into operation in 2018-2019);
  • control board and sapphire in the US manufacturing manipulator;
  • powerful cooling system;
  • high peak power provides better hair removal results;
    compact sizes.
Epilation diode laser D-Las 100

Apparatus Happy-Light Blue shine

Happy-Light Blue shine is the new powerful compact device of the PREMIUM class from the series Happy-Light.

Types of procedures that are performed on the device:

  • Treatment and removal of vascular skin defects
  • Treatment and removal of pigmentation
  • Rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté, hands
  • Acne treatment

Benefits of the Happy-Light Blue shine:

  • Modern cooling system
  • Ability to select a wavelength
  • A convenient interface that allows you to form the characteristics of the light flux for the procedure according to the client’s floor and his skin type.
  • Skin cooling during the procedure
  • Ability to work on any areas of the face and body
Apparatus Happy-Light Blue shine