Network of laser hair removal salons


The service of light sheer is very popular for today, but not everyone knows the specifics carrying it out. 

Before starting the procedure, the specialist holds a consultation to make sure that the client has no contraindications.  

The staff is the heart of our salon, so during the procedure the atmosphere is casual, the specialist is very attentive, listens to the client and makes a good impression. 

We use only disposable consumables, which are opened in the presence of the client, gloves are additionally treated with chlorhexidine, and the handpiece treated with Bacillol.

The procedure is performed on a smoothly shaved body; on the epilated zone, the specialist applies a gel that is absolutely hypoallergenic and is a conductor. We work at high powers, which will lead you to a good result. During the procedure, the laser beam affects the hair follicles, as a result, there may be a feeling of light pricking, but the painful sensations will be minimal due to the fact that we use equipment with an excellent cooling system.

At the end of the procedure, the specialist applies Panthenol to the treated areas in order to remove the initial redness that occurs every time after the procedure and to provide protection from the sun during the first hours after light sheer.

After the procedure, the specialist will also give you information about all the rules of skin care.