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Spanish massage: A course of 10 procedures, every other day. 300 uah Classic massage: A course of 10-20 procedures, after 1-2 days. 250 uah
Jacques massage
Jacques massage A course of 10-15 procedures, an interval of 1-2 days. 200 uah
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Almonds + Azelaine 300 uah Jessner's 300 uah Glycolic (all skin types) 300 uah
Intimate peeling
Intimate peeling 400 - 500 uah
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Express care

Anti-acne Anti-acne 600 uah Anti-age 600 uah Instant beauty 500 uah Intensive moisturizing 500 uah / with peeling 600 uah
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Care for men

Care for men
Care for men 500 uah / with peeling 600 uah
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Description of the procedure

Procedures are carried out on cosmetics.:

Arcana, Chantarelle, Norel dr. Wilsz (Poland), Gi-gi cosmetics (Israel), KleoDerma (Germany), Piel (Ukraine).